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In the Spring of 1951, a group of talented, energetic young men united to form a carnival organization. This group was established chiefly as a social organization with entertainment its primary function. After many hours of debate the membership voted unanimously on the name: The Jugs Social Club.

The founding fathers of the Jugs Social Club were: Ernest Brunet, Jr., John Brunet, Sr., Larry Bowie, Paul Richards, Alton Richards, Morris Richards, Harris Martin, Marcellus Copper, Othella Baptiste, Lonnie Hewitt, Alex Winnfield and Taylor Francois.

Over the years The Jugs Social Club has become one of New Orleans most popular and successful social organizations. It has presented to friends and followers some of the most extravagant and spectacular balls of the Carnival season. The Club is also known for its generosity in the community, particularly annual scholarships given to local students entering college.

In the early sixties the Jugs built floats for All Saints Catholic School parades and became fascinated with the idea of having a Carnival parade of their own. However, it was not until the waning days of 1969 that a permit to have such a parade was granted. The Jugs named the parade the Krewe of NOMTOC -New Orleans Most Talked Of Club and incorporated on September 6, 1969. The first parade was held in February 1970 with six floats, six bands, six marching units, one horse group and a motorcycle squadron. Today NOMTOC rolls with 27 floats, 14 bands and several marching and riding groups.

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